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. If you purchased a Tone2 product directly from Tone2 or ShareIt: You can download the latest version of the software here. Players, who lost their key-file, .Q: Compressing a file in memory in node.js I am looking to optimize my file transfer in node.js. My application is a microservice that will read a file in memory and then send the content of that file to a database. In addition to the database operation, I have a number of ways in which the file can be compressed before it's sent to the database, but that has been eliminated as an optimization for now. What would be the most efficient way to compress a file while it's in memory? I'm currently using the zlib module, but I'm curious if there's something better. A: As well as zlib, I would try out the rzip npm module. In a report filed last month, the Internet system monitoring firm Netcraft has revealed that it detected a small number of additional HTTP-powered websites that are currently under Russian government control. According to Netcraft, the list of 40 sites under the Kremlin’s influence that it described on September 9 could increase by as much as 60% due to “regular changes” the company makes to its list. Russia already has a large roster of websites that it seeks to control, and these new additions to the list of sites that fall under its control, combined with changes in the category of sites, mean that the Kremlin now has at least 70 different sites that it seeks to influence or control. The only Russian language websites that are not listed are the four national news websites, the state-owned news agency TASS, the news website Vesti, and the news agency Interfax. While the Kremlin has been able to regularly change the list of websites that it controls, these latest additions are likely the result of large-scale, government-organized efforts to counter the Western influence that persists in Russian society. In September, Russia ordered journalists working for the independent news website RBK to stop publishing stories deemed to be “extremist” and “mocking Russia.” “Stories on the Internet are read by anyone, including people working for the state agencies, and we can’t allow such publications to continue to appear on the Internet,” said Deputy Communications Minister Nikolai Nikifor

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